About the artist


Claudia Carrillo Meneu is a French-Peruvian artist born in La Libertad (Peru). Before landing in Brittany, she got inspiration by living in Tokyo, Sicily, Texas and Colorado.

After working in Architecture and taking care of her family, she started to develop her painting skills. Her encounter with Yannick Guégan was a milestone in her life. Yannick Guégan, renowned artist (Meilleur ouvrier de France and Maitre du Trompe l'oeil) was kind enough to allow Claudia to participate in his master piece "Les Folies de Guégan", this helped her to improve dramatically her technics and learn many new skills like acrylic ink, oil painting, golden leaf.

She then also discovered the dry pastel technic which she finds fascinating and it's the one she uses to create mostly of her pieces.

When she draws and paints, she pays attention to the details of the subject, in her portraits the eyes (look) are very important since she believes the proverb “ The eyes are the mirror of the soul”. Her goal is to pass on emotions through her paintings.

She had always a passion for art, light, color, realism. She achieves depth and light by working with lots of layers.